Wholesale / Retailers


If you have a shop and sell leather wears and need a supplier we can handle any size order for you and provide top quality materials and workmanship.  Your buyers will be repeat customers and refer their friends when they get one of our made items.  We can made high end labels with your logo and brand it the way you want.  Minimum orders for Wholesale are 25pc but any order more than 5pc will  already have a discount built into shopping cart.


Motorcycle Clubs contact us for orders of 10pcs or more for MC Discount.  We can add any color braid and laces to any style jackets or vests.


Corporate Orders if you need your company logos on jackets/vests/shirts or motorcycle suits we can either do embroidery or patches on leather wear.


We also do sportswears, cotton pants, denim pants + jackets, cordura, safety wears and many other textiles.


Website Owners that sell leather wear we can dropship our items with your labels to your customers.


Contact Us with your designs or style and quantities you want or if you have any questions.




Call (315) 307-8923

E-MAIL us at ron@leather-shop.biz