Size Charts


At LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ, we take pride in offering exclusively made-to-order/custom-made leather wear. We believe that every leather jacket, coat, shirt, pants, or suit should not only look incredible but also fit perfectly. We understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, and we recognize that the standard sizing options provided by manufacturers may not cater to everyone's unique measurements.

We acknowledge the abundance of diverse "Standard Size Charts" available in the market. If you were to purchase a large-sized jacket from one store and visit another, you may find that the fit is not consistent. That's why we have chosen to focus solely on custom sizing. By doing so, we ensure that each item is tailored to your specific measurements, resulting in a truly exceptional fit.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to wear leather garments that are not only stylish but also made to their exact specifications. Our commitment to customization allows us to cater to your individual needs and preferences. So, whether you're looking for a jacket, pants, or suit, we guarantee that your leather wear from LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ will be nothing short of extraordinary.


Men's/Women's Leather Coat, Jacket, Shirt or Vest Measurement Guide

There are only 5 measurements you need to give us (4 for vests)


  • B. SLEEVES = (not needed for Vests)

  • C. Shoulder TO Shoulder =

  • D. Shoulder TO Neck =

  • E. Back Length =

Everyone has a measuring tape in their toolboxes or can buy a fabric measuring tape usually for $1 or $2 at any Dollar Store or even most Drug Stores sell those.  If you want to order a leather jacket from us and already have a fairly good fitting jacket lay it flat on a table and take the measurements we need.  You can make adjustments to the measurements you get so when we make it it will fit exact.  Example If your jacket sleeves are too short then add a inch or two to the measurement you get, same thing goes for length or any of the 5 measurements in the chart above.



To place a order for Pants or Chaps you just need to enter in a Waist and Inseam to order to save time but we need all measurements below to make your item fit right.  Also you can decide what fit you want by sending us the measurements below (low/high rise, boot cut/ skinny fit...)



A. Waist =

B. Waist to Crotch =

C. Hips =

D. Pant Leg width at Crotch =

E. Pant Leg width at Thigh =

F. Pant Leg width at Knee =

G. Pant Leg width at bottom seam =

H. Pants Total Length =

I. Inseam =

You can use a fabric tape measure to take these measurements accurately. Make sure to measure around the fullest part of each area for the most precise fit.


motorcycle / longboard suits you need all the measurements below

 Do not add anything to your measurements - we need your actual body measurements. Keep measuring tape slack not tight.

Make a note of your measurements to upload as text file or too email me.


  1. Wrist =
  2. Forearm =
  3. Bicep =
  4. Neck =
  5. Chest (under armpit) =
  6. Waist (at belly button) =
  7. Hips =
  8. Thigh (10cm from crotch point) =
  9. Knee =
  10. Calf (10cm from knee point) =
  11. Ankle (at ankle bone) =
  12. Shoulder width (from shoulder bone to bone) =
  13. Back length (neck to waist) =
  14. Elbow to wrist =
  15. Sleeve length (shoulder to wrist) =
  16. Knee bone to ankle bone =
  17. Waist to knee =
  18. Side length (waist to ankle) =
  19. Inside leg (crotch to ankle) =
  20. Total length (shoulder to ankle) =

These measurements are crucial for ensuring a perfect fit for your leather wear. Using a fabric tape measure, take each measurement accurately and provide us with the exact numbers. This way, we can create a garment that is tailored to your unique body shape and size.


You can also use our chatbot ( bottom right corner of page ) to help with measurements.